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Update June 23rd, 2021
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Download [21.4] Song Engineer (com.gyokovsolutions.songengineer) is the Music & Audio for android device which developed by GyokovSolutions. Song Engineer has 10,000+ installs on Google Play, its latest version is 21.4 updated on June 21, 2021 requires Android 5.0 and up

Song Engineer is an app for song auto-composition.
Hear some sample songs -
Albums with demo songs
Song Engineer -
Seven modes -
Song production instructional video -
- improved sounds
- due to new Android requirements app folder for Android 10+ phones is changed to /Android/data/com.gyokovsolutions.songengineer/files/Song_Engineer

Introduce Song Engineer

Song Engineer is an app for songs auto-composition. Just press Compose button and you have a new unique song. Song composition is done by an algorithm that creates and matches harmony and melodies of different instruments – lead(vocal), bass, piano and guitar. You can listen to songs and save them as midi file. The app can provide you with song ideas that you can further develop and enhance. Saved midi file can be used for production with DAW software.

Song Engineer

Hear some sample songs –
Listen to albums with demo songs
Song Engineer –
Seven modes –
Song production instructional video –

This is the full version of Song Engineer Lite –

Full version app features:

Song Engineer

– edit instrument notes and drums
– select song tonality
– use different song sections (Intro, Verse, Pre-Chorus, Chorus, Bridge, Outro and 4 additional sections)
– change song section length
– rearrange song sections
– change song elements root and scale type (major, minor, pentatonic, blues, chromatic etc…)
– recompose section
– recompose instrument in section
– change instruments used in midi
– save song as midi and xml file

Song Engineer

– open saved song from xml file
– control composing parameters(melody phrasing, harmony rhythm, song sections preferred note lengths)
– swing mode
– lyrics writing – the app selects suitable words in order to match the melody accent to lyrics accent to achieve prosody and lyrics to fit comfortably the melody.

How to use:

1. Select song tonality using TONALITY menu.
2. Optionally you can change song structure using the three dots button on the left side of every song element. You can change element types, add new elements or rearrange them.
3. You can change the elements (Verse, Chorus etc…) scale root and type(major, minor etc…), length (in bars). Only the first occurrence of every element has the controls unlocked. When you change some property then all elements of the same type will change their values accordingly.

Song Engineer

4. Press COMPOSE
5. The song is composed. 5 instruments are used – lead(vocal), guitar, bass, harmony(piano) and drums.
6. Press PLAY to listen to the song. You can change song tempo. Also you can hear every element and recompose it using the three dots button on the left side of each element.
7. You can edit instrument notes and drums by selecting Element Menu – Edit element.
8. Press SAVE to save the song in midi format. Song is saved in [sdcard]/SongEngineer folder. In settings you can change instruments type used in midi file. The midi file can be used for song enhancement and production using any DAW software.

Song Engineer manual –

Whats new of Song Engineer [21.4]

+ improved sounds
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