OREO TV also provides users with countless engaging movies, with content primarily aimed at Indians but supporting many international languages. This app guarantees users all media-related content and can be linked with other projection devices for a better experience. OREO TV’s interface is well organized, categorizing all content separately for users to enjoy. But a lot of people will still feel uncomfortable, so the app will have the function of customizing the interface, giving users the freedom to find the best user experience for themselves. Users can change the font style, size, dark mode, theme color, etc. With the ability to customize the application interface, users will always have the best user experience and easily distribute news.


OREO TV will continuously broadcast news from all over the world to users and categorize them into distinct varieties for users to select. The homepage of the app will include media, videos, movies, and news, but they are neatly designed in a well-organized and user-friendly way. The news category will cover many different areas, such as sports, politics, military and many other areas. Besides news, users also enjoy fashion magazines, cosmetics and many other things for entertainment. All the content in the world is mentioned in the news category, and users will enjoy it through many different display modes, such as text, video, etc.

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