GBWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp. In GBWhatsApp you will have many other extended features such as sending larger files, hiding your last seen, media preview without loading… In China, we often see them using WeChat, but in the United States, we see WhatsApp as essential. Arguably, WhatsApp is one of the most popular dedicated messaging tools in the world, playing alongside the big Facebook Messenger. In general, each product has its convenience and connects a large user system. WhatsApp has achieved 1 billion downloads and its user system around the world has been loyal to it for a very long time. They use it to serve their work, communicate and connect with their loved ones. However, like everything in this world, WhatsApp has some features that its users may not like.


It’s a huge gap for independent producers to do certain things. They don’t build a separate platform themselves, but only create mods to unlock and adjust any weaknesses. Such mods actually appear a lot on the internet, but gaining the most trust is probably only “GBWhatsApp”. It can be said that it is so good that even users who have experienced many mods come back to it after a period of testing. You can also bookmark this article to get the latest information right away, as we are also tracking and updating the fix quickly on the same day.

Its latest version will update with the latest features that users may need when they don’t want to continue their conversation. Actually, “GBWhatsApp” is a messaging tool, but for several different situations, you will have to reject an unimportant conversation. Maybe you need to sleep to work in the morning, or in a meeting, or even with people you don’t want to keep talking with. Sometimes we connect too much; we lose our privacy.

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