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Dual Space is an app capable of cloning a different interface that helps you manage 2 accounts at a time without having to log out often. The use of 2 social accounts is also considered an advantage for ourselves. When you just work on this account, we don’t miss any messages in the other account. However, users still cannot log into the same account on 2 different interfaces. With the ability to use 2 accounts on 1 phone, you can now balance your work with life. Interact with the whole social app After it hit the market, it could only work with “WhatsApp”, but now it’s different. Almost all social media apps now support this app. You are now free to use this amazing ability on any app you want.


It’s like turning the phone into 2 to create another interface similar to the original interface. And on this virtual interface, you can do everything without affecting the original interface. Once the user decides to use two interfaces at the same time, these two interfaces will not be related to each other, from settings to wallpapers. And on each of these interfaces, users can operate the same social app while simultaneously using 2 different accounts. You can install the interface control in a way that suits your style and only you know it. Only when they know how to set up your device, even smart guys use your phone, don’t know how to get to the home screen.

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Download Dual Space MOD Premium

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