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Update June 25th, 2021
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Download [1.2.545] DragonSky : Idle & Merge (com.manacore.mod) is the Role Playing for android device which developed by Com2uS. DragonSky : Idle & Merge has 1,000,000+ installs on Google Play, its latest version is 1.2.545 updated on June 24, 2021 requires Android 5.0 and up

Ver. 1.2.545

- 3-year special free lucky box event for 7 days
- 3-year special free package event
- Nazitha, Bitetra acquisition & legendary dragon rate up event
- Balance adjustments for Nazitha, Bitetra
- Dragon stats balance adjustments
- 4 new appearances added
- Item list in the Star Seal Shop changed
- Convenience improvements
- Bug fixes
- Legendary dragon rate up event over

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Download Free DragonSky : Idle & Merge APK (Full Mod) for Android on techreal247.com

Are you ready to join DragonSky : Idle & Merge game? This is the newest Role Playing game. This game develops Com2uS. Your devices have to be Android 4.4 and up. At now, this game is over 1,000,000+ downloads and installs on Google Play. Players are joined this game is increasing. Players are very attracted when playing this game. Let’s discovery this game now. Don’t forget to enjoy DragonSky : Idle & Merge game with MOD APK free for Android on techreal247.com now. Enter this game and enjoy

Game Description

In DragonSky : Idle & Merge game, players will join the adventure of a dragon training apprentice, who is aiming to become the world’s best trainer with powerful dragons by your side. You will start your journey with low level dragons that will need many upgrades and enhancements so they can grow and earn better powers. Use them to upgrade your dragons and buy new eggs so you can hatch new dragons. Combine certain dragons into one and unlock higher tier ones.

Find yourself immersed in this amazing idle shooting game.Take your team of powerful dragons across the lands and take down any foes in your sight. Earn both fear and prestige as you go. Compete your dragons with other gamers to find out who has the better composition.

Pick up your favorite dragons, take them on your adventure, have them fight against powerful enemies, earn experience and coins so you can upgrade them. Unlock powerful dragon forms with incredible attack powers and begin to raid the map. Set your composition and let the dragon freely roam the levels. Shot down anything in their sight in matters of seconds.

DragonSky : Idle & Merge Game Features

Have access to amazing dragons

And to make your journey into the dragon world a lot more interesting, the game also features hundreds of different species, each with its own unique strengths and abilities. Make uses of your combined dragon powers so you might create the most powerful team and win the whole map.

You can get new dragons by buying new dragons from the stores or hatch them from eggs. But most preferably, you should have the dragons to breed a new species or combine similar ones to get a higher-tier dragon. These dragons will have much more upgraded powers compared to the previous ones.

Let your dragon compete with others in the online battlefield

In addition, Dragonsky also has endless battlefields where you and your dragons can roam freely on the map for hours. Take on enemies with escalating powers and never feel bored. Upgrade your dragons and unlock new ones so that you may proceed.

And most importantly, you can take the game online and compete with the real deal in the League Ranking. Have your dragon armies battle against once and another in Idle & merge – Dragonsky. Show them who is the better dragon trainer and earn yourself multiple loots.

Not to mention that the game also features different Attribute Bosses every day that you could challenge and collect useful boosts.

Join the legion and explore many exciting gameplays

Furthermore, gamers in Dragonsky: Idle & Merge can also join the epic Legions, where you can join your allies in the epic monster hunt. Fight with giant beasts using your dragon army and with the helpful help of others. Unlock lots of exciting online gameplay as you join the Legions. And if you want to, you can also create your own Legion and allow others to join. Work together to create the best Legions ever.

Different grouping components with unique synergies are available

Players in Stand and merge mode – Dragonsky will find themselves introduced to the in-depth and exciting team combinations available. Have your dragons’ powers combined and enhanced as they appear in the same team.

Unlock powerful synergies and attributes with different dragon compositions. Enjoy a much more exciting and enjoyable battle with your perfect dragon composition. Form the ultimate team to take you to the end of the world.

No hassle idle shooting game

Find yourself in this awesome idle shooting game where you can just sit back and relax while letting your dragons take down many other challengers in turn. And even when you turn off the game and exit out on your menu, your dragons will continue to ravage the lands and skies, looking for awesome loots.

That being said, in Dragonsky: Idle & Merge you will set up your dragon army to engage in endless levels, let them roam freely across the map, fight enemies and collect resource gathering. And when you return, you can make uses of the bountiful loots and have the dragons upgraded and equipped with new powers.

However, you need to make sure that the dragons are well-upgraded before sending them out into battle to avoid them being killed once you’re not present.

Take on epic bosses with your powerful dragon attacks

And if you think your dragon team is too overwhelming and want to take the challenge to new heights, then you might find yourself facing powerful bosses in the game. Satisfy your needs for actions in Idle & merge – Dragonsky as you show off your powerful dragon attacks in the boss fights. Unleash powerful blast with your enhanced dragon powers toward the enemies and hope to take them down before they get to you.

Completely Free to play

And with the game completely free to play, we can’t see why you shouldn’t try it. That being said, just download and install the game from Google Play Store to start enjoying this incredible idle shooting game on your mobile devices.

What’s new

Ver. 1.2.545

– 3-year special free lucky box event for 7 days
– 3-year special free package event
– Nazitha, Bitetra acquisition & legendary dragon rate up event
– Balance adjustments for Nazitha, Bitetra
– Dragon stats balance adjustments
– 4 new appearances added
– Item list in the Star Seal Shop changed
– Convenience improvements
– Bug fixes
– Legendary dragon rate up event over

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Download DragonSky : Idle & Merge [1.2.545] APK (Full Mod) free for Android

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