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Package Disabler Pro – an application exclusively for Samsung. It can be said that this is the most important feature of this app for users. As many people know, the system-related apps cannot be removed because the system does not allow the user to do so. However, while using this app, user cannot uninstall it but can disable it so that it cannot work or update itself. Not only the system, but the app can also be used to disable functionality of other apps, like Facebook. Facebook updates new versions very often, and new versions are very often wrong and affect users. This app will therefore allow users to deactivate Facebook’s update function so that it cannot be updated to the new version. Thanks to this, users can use the old version with high stability and control the possibility of updating the application.


First of all, find out how this app works; this app was created to disable Samsung system apps. It doesn’t seem easy to do, but in reality everything is much easier than what users imagine. The first step a user needs to do is install the app on their device for the app to work. Once the installation is complete, the application will ask the user to access the system. Since this app is intended to be used to disable system apps, system access is required. Users don’t have to worry about which app will take this opportunity to steal information as the app has been carefully censored before. Once everything has been provided, the app is ready to go. Users need to start the app, select what they want to disable, and then press the button to complete the job.



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