Auto Chess VN [2.2.2] APK MOD free for Android

Size 96M
Version 2.3.2
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Update April 19th, 2021
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Race Synergy:
(1)(2)(3) invitation probability adjustment: the invitation chance will keep increasing for each round it doesn't invite a chess piece until inviting one successfully. The increased probability will then be reset.

Class Synergy:
(4): All allied Shamans get a buff: Turns into a random piece that costs +1 or +2, The piece turned into does not inherit synergy effects or items.

New game mode
1.Training camp

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Welcome to Auto Chess VN game for Mobile. This game by VNG Game Publishing. This is a favorite Strategy game. At now, this game has been 500,000+ downloads and installs on Google Play. Let’s join Auto Chess VN game now. Don’t forget to enjoy this game with MOD APK free on

Game Description

Auto Chess VNG will introduce gamers to a whole new chess experience in which you can control your new sets of characters and units to fight against opponents in a whole new gameplay. Auto Chess VNG is inspired by the PC version, which is an arcade mod for the popular online MOBA game, Dota 2. With all the heroes and units from the main game, Auto Chess allows players to Apply different tactics and teamwork, fight the enemies on the puzzled chess table.

For those looking for an online casual game with in-depth mechanics and meta for them to enjoy over and over again, Mobile Auto Chess is definitely a great choice. Choose from a set of animated units and join your opponent in a battle on your chess board. Make uses of the tactics and compositions to outwits your enemies. Find out more about this amazing chess game with our reviews.

Auto Chess VNG Game Features

Choose the right team composition to defeat the enemy

With completely different units on the battlefield, gamers will find themselves with a lot of different strategies and approaches when joining the battle. Most of the time, you will have to pay attention to the enemy’s composition as well as their units to make your decision. Or if you’re confident about your team, you can choose your own play and force the enemies to follow it. Besides, the formations are also important as it affects the way your units move and attack. Make sure they’re positioned intelligently.

Another thing, you can also pair the classes and races of units on the field to activate multiple bonuses for your team. This is called synergies, and each synergy will provide your team with a huge advantage over your enemies. The synergies are displayed directly at the top of the screen while you’re on the field, so you can know exactly what rewards you have.

We recommend you read more about this since it will be extremely useful when you get to the higher levels.

Easy to play, but takes a long time to master

You will start with some heroes and some gold so you can start recruiting your units. Depending on the enemies, you can choose certain formations and composition to start with. Just select the right units and drop them on the chess table. Then let them attack the enemies as the chess table will play itself. However, as you progress further, the game also gets more difficult. So prepare to learn a lot of new things.

Different races and unit classes

The Auto Chess VNG game introduces different units that fall into certain races and classes. Depending on their races and classes, each unit will have its own powers and abilities. In additions, there are also special abilities that are available for certain units as you progress further. However, you need to level up your units as well as keep their energy high in order to activate their unique abilities.

Merge your units into more powerful units

And not only items, you can also place a chess board with certain units that can be combined together. Make good use of these abilities and you can unlock powerful units that will attack all enemies in your way.

Enjoy the game with online players from around the world

We all assume that gaming tends to be a bit lonely when played alone. That’s why you will find Auto Chess on mobile devices incredibly fun and enjoyable. Here you can play against online gamers from all over the world in a single global server. Meet and become friends with some of the coolest Android gamers while spending your time exploring the deep and interesting gameplay of Auto Chess VNG.

Equip useful items to enhance your chess pieces

To power up a single unit on the field, you can upgrade it and get upgraded stats. Or you can also equip new items on them, giving your unit more abilities. This proves to be extremely important, especially when both you and your enemies have almost run out of cards.

Additionally, items can be combined together to create more powerful items. So while you’re still on the field, make sure you collect the right items so that they can be combined into more powerful pieces.

Fair and interesting game

The problem with online games is that they can be easily hacked, which greatly reduces the value of our good experiences. With Auto Chess Mobile, you will never have to worry about such a thing since every game is completely fair and square.

Also, Auto Chess VNG doesn’t have any in-app purchases that could give players an edge over other games. This allows for a completely enjoyable matchup.

Absolutely Free to play

This amazing online game from Drodo will be available to gamers from all different participating countries without paying any money. Hence, you can download and install this game on your devices right now to start playing.

Enjoy with Mod APK free on

However, if you’re bothered by the in-game purchases and would like to do something about it, then our mod version of this game would certainly satisfy you. To have it installed on your devices, just download the Mod APK file on your storage. Follow our instructions and you can easily install Auto Chess VNG game.

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Download Auto Chess VN [2.2.2] APK MOD free for Android

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